Event Program

The Beach to Beach Event Program

The program for the Beach to Beach Ocean paddle is below. Please note that the location of the registration will be posted on facebook and via sms. All paddlers must sign in at the registration desk and complete waiver at the race start point. The race start point will be depend on wind and weather conditions. Final details will be posted to www.oceanpaddler.com.au and facebook after 7.30am..

Saturday 18th July

PLEASE NOTE; Due to COV-19 This year the race has changed there will only be only 100 paddlers entered and they must adhear to 1.5mtr social distancing rules at race briefings and registration. A Race brief will be also conducted live on facebook prior to race start.

7:30am - Final course decided by race director and posted.

9:00am - Registration and Scrutineering at starting point, Please bring your lifejacket and safety leash to checking to be checked.

PLEASE NOTE; You will be given a dongle which will allow us to record positions. Finish will be on the beach between the flags.

10:00am - Race briefing by race director live on Facebook.

10:30am - Race Start - please note that this may vary. 

3:00pm - Post results on webscore


Safety Equipment

Scrutineering of compulsory equipment (lifejackets and leashes) will take place at check in before the start of the race.

All competitors must ensure that their equipment passes scrutineering as outlined below.

By entering the Beach to Beach 22km Ocean Paddle race you agree to compete you must have:

  • Ski jacket style PFD
  • Outriggers, SUP, and Prone paddlers must wear inflatable bum bag type life jackets
  • Single and double ski/ outrigger smoke flair or phone
  • Oc6 outrigger mobile phone
  • All craft must have a leash attached at all times, and a HIV shirt/singlet/ life jacket must be worn as mention above

Please note no first timers this is an open ocean race leaving or finishing at a surf beach your safety is our most importance and not taken lightly

Craft Categories

Note ages is from the day registrations close

  • Ski Open – Male and Female
  • Ski Under 19 – Male and Female
  • Ski Over 40 – Male and Female
  • Ski Over 50 – Male and Female
  • Ski Over 60 – Male
  • SLSA Spec Ski’s – Male and Female
  • OC1 – Male and Female
  • Double Ocean Ski - Male and Female
  • Mixed Double ski
  • Mixed OC2
  • SUP Open – Male and Female
  • SUP Over 40 – Male and Female
  • SUP Over 50 – Male
  • SUP 14ft – Male
  • Prone Open – Male and Female
  • Prone Over 40 – Male

Starting Waves

Start waves will be from the beach or ocean depending on the conditions:

The first wave to start will be the stock and unlimited prone paddlers, followed by all SUPs. and Outrigger boats.

Exact start time may vary for the first wave as we will try to wait for the best wind conditions.


Entry Fees

Standard Entry -  $45 per paddler

Double Ocean ski, OC2 teams - $80

Due to COV-19 there will be 100 Competitors (Maximum amount of competitors allow by council) and no late entries.




Mooloolaba Paddlers


Australian Canoeing

Point surf craft

Craft Racing

  • Ocean and Spec Skis
  • OC 1 and OC 2 Outriggers
  • SUP's and Prone Paddle Boards
  • Prone's